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Occupy Farms is now active, teaming up with incredible people around the world for a massive experiment.  We are building a network of farmers, activists, researchers, and economists ready to make a viable alternative resource flow between urban and rural New York State. We would like to open source this model to the regions of Albuquerque, Oakland, and Kansas City!  The following is invitation to take part in that experiment, work the land, and renew our connection to the basis of civilization (food).

The following form will hook you up into the network. Stay tuned through our Fbook fanpage!  Right now we need as many people to start seeding crops indoors for us to plant in the upstate New York region.  Spread the word!!!  We have over 1000 acres linking together to be cultivated, and this is the first step… preparing the seeds and getting connected for future cultivation.

We’ll be planting crops, sharing skills, feeding people, and creating a serious resource flow between urban and rural communities.  Join us!!! Renew America, renew the Earth!

This effort is working with organizations, L3C companies, Co-ops, and 501c3s like – LGHTSRC, The Free Network Foundation, Window Farms, and Open Source Ecology. We are just a part of a whole new ecosystem! LGHTSRC L3C will be heading the major coordination with these organizations, and empowering Occupy Farmers with Co-op models that will bring jobs to the regions we are working with, and open sourcing the work we are doing for all to benefit from and participate in refining. A new day is here, the old model is dead, join the constructive movement to make a viable alternative!

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